Sunday, March 27, 2016

4 Aloe Vera Treatment for Acne in Easy Ways

Aloe vera treatment for acne much needed by people today. A dirty air pollution and dust containing the bacteria is difficult to avoid. The result is acne always grows on the face. Using cosmetic facial cleanser still not going to help eliminate acne. Then the solution is using aloe vera.

Using aloe vera for acne is very precise. According to some studies and experiences of people on Aloe vera, actually acne can be cured almost 90% by aloe vera. 

aloe vera treatment for acne
Aloe vera treatment for acne ©
That because aloe vera has a substrate that acts to kill bacteria which cause acne and removes dust oils that clog pores.

There are substrates that have function as anti-infalammtion, aloe vera for scars can remove acne scars on face.

This is How Aloe Vera Treatment for Acne is Good

We can get 6 natural substrates inside aloe vera that can help to get rid of acne and keep skin healthy. These are :

Magnesium lactate, this content acts to relieve icthiness caused by acne. So aloe vera can reduce almost any itchiness.

Salicylic Acid, has function to clean skin pores from dusts and dirts. This substance act as natural cleanser.

Anthraquinone, this one of 6 substrates can help skin regeneration's. Dead skin cells caused by acne will be replaced by new skin cells.

Astringent, will clean the face from excess oil. See 3 WAYS HOW DOES ALOE VERA GEL HELP ACNE

Polysaccharides and Gibbherellin, these substrates have function to kill bacteria that cause acne.

Those 6 substrates in aloe vera treatment for acne will help each other to protect face from acne growth. But we must keep our face clean frequently, especially if you live in a city.

4 Aloe Vera Treatments for Acne

1. Using Aloe Vera Gel Directly

You can use aloe vera gel directly onto acne, take aloe vera leaf that still fresh.

Peel the aloe vera and take a gel inside the leaf.

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Press the transparent gel until the gel comes out.

Apply onto acne twice a day for approximately one week.

2. Aloe Vera Gel with Lemon Mask

The second treatment same as the first one, but people add some lemon extracts into it.

Do what mentioned in first treatment, take the gel inside aloe vera and press it to get much aloe gel.

After you got the gel, mix with lemon droplets and stir with the gel until mixed. Look 1 BEST ANSWER HOW DOES ALOE VERA HELP ACNE SCARS

Use the aloe vera gel mask in the night and clean it with water after wake up.

3. Herb Treatment (aloe gel, honey and turmeric)

In this aloe vera treatment for acne, we use natural ingredients. Not many people who have tried this way but if you want, just try.

Aloe vera treatment for acne
Aloe vera treatment for acne ©
Prepare fresh aloe vera gel, put honey, milk, and turmeric that has been shredded. Stir well.

Apply it into acne, let it for 15-20 minutes and clean with your face with running water. For best result, do it frequently.

4. Aloe Vera Product Treatment

If you got an allergy with those natural ingredients or hard to find the ingredients, then the last solution is using aloe vera product specially for acne.

Those products were easily found in cosmetic stores and created specifically for removing acne.

But, select the right product. Consults it to a health expert first.

That's all the ways to get rid of acne. The natural way or use the chemicals depends on your choice, the important thing is you do aloe vera treatment for acne safely.